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  Our Teachers    

Chad Clifford - Owner & Manager
Mami Matsuda - Assistant Manager
Ethan Preston
Liam Clifford
Petyr Parker
Donovan Howton
Max Pearson - Repair Shop

Allan Evett (Piano)
Amber Wright (Voice, Violin, Piano)
Carolyn Rodea (Piano, Acoustic Guitar)
Colleen Rodriguez (Violin, Beginner Cello)
Evan Clifford (Guitar, Bass, Ukulele)
Ethan Preston (Alto & Tenor Sax, Ukulele)
Isaiah Vargas (Piano, Bass, Guitar)
Jordan Collier (Guitar, Bass)
Lou Samaniego (Guitar, Bass)
Mami Matsuda (Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Voice)
Mike Ferri (Guitar)

Nolan Clifford (Guitar, Ukulele)
Petyr Parker (Standup Bass)

Sal Monaco (Drums)

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